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Quick-CSi : Your forensic agent for IBM Power i
Your data is your patrimony. Be sure to protect your IT data, monitor, control its evolution, and ensure its confidentiality and relevance...

Your IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5, Power i) is reachable by the IT team, providers (manufacturers, editors, consultants…) and your users.
Even if your IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5, Power i) provides securities for access, procedures… you’re not protected against usage mistakes, embezzlement, penetration – voluntary or not, on confidential data of the company.

Quick-CSi allows to track all the operations made on your system, alert you and take all the necessary measures.

Quick-CSi also provides a full audit and security suite: access control and detailed follow-up of all the events through one single interface.

Quick-CSi allows you to reach the COBIT control objectives about the security of the access to the system and data.


The System Audit module meets all your audit requirements in terms of security, connection attempts, configuring system values, libraries and objects:

  • Monitor sensitive profiles (remote maintenance, service providers);
  • Audit actions carried out on confidential spool files, etc...;
  • Interventions on profiles, system values, network attributes, authorization on sensitive objects;
  • Attempts to open a session or access unauthorized resources;
  • Monitor activity outside office hours;
  • Integrity check on audit parameters;
  • Monitor control transfers to production;
  • Monitor access to sensitive objects (files, menus options).


The Database Audit module provides in depth, clearly detailed reports regarding modifications made to any database file anywhere on your system:

  • Changes to authorization files;
  • Changes to confidential and name specific data;
  • Abnormal changes to credit limits;
  • Activity directed to dormant bank accounts;
  • Interventions on sensitive fields (Bank account number, Credit cards, Account limits);
  • Operations made outside of an application: i.e., DFU, SQL, Client Access upload, access through possibly dangerous programs;
  • Activity outside office hours;
  • Remote changes on applications.


Regardless of the mode administrators use to extract data, Quick-CSi offers a range of reports (detailed pictures, synthetic histories, statistics) with different output formats (PDF, Excel, Word, or HTML) and distributes them by e-mail or on a FTP server.

  • Synthetic histories;
  • On demand reports showing every transactions related to a specific object, to a user profile, to a device;
  • Distribution of the reports by e-mail or with FTP;
  • Export of the reports to different formats : Excel, Word, PDF, HTML...;
  • Archiving with index of the PDF converted reports;
    • a Quick-PRESS module is offered as an option to produce reports directly from the IBM Power i.


Regulation about internal control (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, BASEL II, C-198, PCI, 21-CFR …) hardens and makes penally responsible the managers and the administrators of the quoted in the Stock Exchange companies and the financial firms, if they do not implement the means to secure and to audit their information system. The responsibility of the IT management can also be involved by delegation.


To minimize the impact on the storage and to make easier the queries management, your data is exported to an Archiving Library set on your own backup organization.
They are saved to an external media to be restored in case upon auditors requests.

OS/400 V5R3 minimum

  • Fast implementation;
  • Ease of update (mere add from the log);
  • Simple, clear and homogeneous unique interface;
  • High level of automatization;
  • Alerts management;
  • Clear and valuable reports for internal and external auditors.

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