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Welcome to QSL Northern Europe

QSL Northern Europe is the exclusive authorized partner of the Quick Software Line (QSL) products for IBM Business Partners in the Netherlands,Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia and Sri Lanka. The QSL suite consists of two product lines:

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Continuity and security Suite



High Availability and Data Replication Software, operates on IBM Power Systems (IBM i, System i, AS/400).     Output Management Software, especially for IBM Power Systems (IBM iSystem i, AS/400).

The QSL products are perfectly geared to everyday practice: input and questions from users are converted into highly practical software. Our sophisticated technical experts know how to bring complex processes back to the basics and to convert these into software that is user friendly and highly practicable. The portfolio of the Quick-Software-Line consists of solutions for High Availability (Continuity Solutions), Data Replication, Data Protection and also solutions for Output Management (Document Solutions).

QSL Northern Europe employs consultants and technical experts. They provide second line support to IBM Business Partners (24x7). The company is proud to have access to a pool of professional technical partners.




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