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Customer Stories

Koopman Logistics Group

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Car dealers – especially those dealing for the world’s major car manufacturers - are among the most critical customers a logistics company can imagine. Still family-owned, it is no wonder that the Koopman Logistics Group from the Netherlands has evolved from a one-man company into a major European logistics services provider in the automotive industry, which today handles throughout Europe 700 000 cars per year for 24 car brands, as it is equally critical of itself.

Toyota 'just in time' delivery

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It is no wonder that Toyota, a pioneer in Just-In-Time (JIT) which is on the basis of the Toyota Production System, has decided to use Quick-EDD/HA software for its applications running on IBM Power i. After all, the idea of JIT is to save time, resources, and costs - which is exactly what Quick-EDD/HA does.

In an interview with Werner Theuns (IT Manager), Kurt Leysen (IBM i System Engineer) and Bruno Degryse (IBM i System Engineer) of Toyota Motors Europe we are explained why.

Ecco: Comfortable HA implementation

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Moving away from your trusted high availability solution is not always an easy desicion. But when you are busy keeping your business up and running 24/7, 365 a week, all aspects of a real ha solution are taken in effect.

Serious IT managers look further than a GUI... How about the technical support... And how about the 'hidden' costs a HA solution brings to the table?

iSeries manager from Ecco Mrs Annette T. Mikkelsen takes the opportunity to tell us about her experience with Quick-EDD/HA from QSL Nortern Europe.

APM Terminals Rotterdam

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It is no coincidence that APM Terminals Rotterdam, recognized by the Journal of Commerce as being the most productive container terminal in Europe for four years in a row now, today uses Quick-EDD/HA software in order to guarantee the availability of its terminal operating system running on two IBM Power i systems. After all, in such a 24/7 operation the heart may simply never stop beating.

Volvo: Preventing accidents before they happen

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 It is no coincidence that Volvo uses Quick-EDD/HA software for its dealer management system in the Netherlands. “Preventing accidents before they happen” is, after all, a slogan of Volvo that could apply to Quick-EDD/HA as well.
Safety has been key to Volvo ever since its very first car appeared in 1927. The Volvo Car Group now makes and sells more than half a million premium cars per year and employs more than 28000 people in approximately 100 countries. Volvo Car is currently making a spectacular breakthrough in China with its new parent Zhejiang Geely Holding.

Uniport: unplanned switch

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Uniport Multipurpose Terminals in Rotterdam is a highly efficient and flexible terminal operator, handling both short sea and deep sea vessels. Their container terminal has excellent multi modal connections to the hinterland via roads and waterways. As a well-respected company in the port of Rotterdam, Uniport is known for its 24/7 mentality and favorable location in the city of Rotterdam (Waalhaven).
The center of their IT is formed by "Cosmos", a dedicated application on an IBM i power machine to scan, track and locate the incoming containers. This solid IT base makes sure ships never have to wait at the terminal.

Read what happened when there was a sudden power-loss at the terminal...