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Anonymizing personal data

on . Posted in Security on IBM i

In the data age, the security of the information system - and in particular of personal data - has a huge impact on the confidence of consumers, whether they are  individuals or professionals, and on the image or even the performance of the company.

Koopman Logistics Group

on . Posted in Customer Stories

Car dealers – especially those dealing for the world’s major car manufacturers - are among the most critical customers a logistics company can imagine. Still family-owned, it is no wonder that the Koopman Logistics Group from the Netherlands has evolved from a one-man company into a major European logistics services provider in the automotive industry, which today handles throughout Europe 700 000 cars per year for 24 car brands, as it is equally critical of itself.

APM Terminals Rotterdam

on . Posted in Customer Stories

It is no coincidence that APM Terminals Rotterdam, recognized by the Journal of Commerce as being the most productive container terminal in Europe for four years in a row now, today uses Quick-EDD/HA software in order to guarantee the availability of its terminal operating system running on two IBM Power i systems. After all, in such a 24/7 operation the heart may simply never stop beating.

IBM i version 7.3: what's new at security level?

on . Posted in Security on IBM i

In version 7.3, launched last April, IBM i is experiencing two major security evolutions:

  • optimizing the traceability of network connections
  • tracking user rights allocation mechanisms.

They are reflected in two new functions, respectively called "Audit of Socket Connections" and "Authority Collection", whose mission is to improve traceability, a strategic challenge in the face of regulatory pressures, and to grant "necessary" rights to users. Lets focus on these two key features of IBM i 7.3 security by Dominique GAYTE from NoToS, a specialist in security auditing in the IBM i environment.

Power outage Amsterdam

on . Posted in High Availability & Disaster Recovery for IBM i

Today, large parts of Amsterdam were hit by a huge power outage. More than 360.000 connections lost power, starting at a little past 4 o'clock in the morning.

While most people were still sleeping and not aware of the loss of power, a lot of companies were very busy trying to minimize the consequences of this power outage. Trains did not leave because there was no communication possible with train tracks, traffic lights were not functioning and most people left to work without having their regular cup of coffee or hot shower.

System migration on IBM i

on . Posted in High Availability & Disaster Recovery for IBM i

On the occasion where you replace your system with a new system, move your system to a data centre or even move your system to a new geographical location, a system migration takes place.

Typically, a system migration takes care full planning, testing and a lot of coffee.

Traditionally, a migration is done by a full system save and restore but nowadays there are more solutions to cover a migration. Read on and discover how.

Toyota 'just in time' delivery

on . Posted in Customer Stories

It is no wonder that Toyota, a pioneer in Just-In-Time (JIT) which is on the basis of the Toyota Production System, has decided to use Quick-EDD/HA software for its applications running on IBM Power i. After all, the idea of JIT is to save time, resources, and costs - which is exactly what Quick-EDD/HA does.

In an interview with Werner Theuns (IT Manager), Kurt Leysen (IBM i System Engineer) and Bruno Degryse (IBM i System Engineer) of Toyota Motors Europe we are explained why.

Digitize your documents on IBM i

on . Posted in Document Management on IBM Power i

With the new software solution Quick-DMT, TRADER'S simplifies the dematerialization of documents and invoices in its preferred operating system AS/400 IBM, widely used companies, particularly in the distribution and industry. In a technological environment increasingly complex and virtualized, where developments are accelerating, the AS/400 still represents the platform that offers the greatest guarantees of stability, robustness and security, to manage high volumes of data and operations.