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high availability suite

Solutions for: data replication, high availability and business continuity for multiple platforms, audit and monitoring of systems and databases.Testing possibilities of an HA solution with Quick-EDD/HA on a no cure no pay base.…

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realtime replication on heterogeneous databases

Data replication and Distribution for heterogeneous databases
"Capture the value of your IT! Think Data!"
We all know that today’s organizations and
industries are handling more and more data.

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document solutions for IBM i

Printing solutions for IBM Power i management, graphical mapping of spool files; with printing, PDF and e-mailing functions. Legal dematerialization and archiving of documents; XML exchanges/integration…

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End to end Systems Management Services through a flexible approach that monitors and reacts to system resources, applications/hardware failure and service delivery status. Our services have been developed to allow for the monitoring of all platforms.

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System migration on IBM i

On the occasion where you replace your system with a new system, move your system to a data center or even move your system to a new geographical location, a system migration takes place.

Typically, a system migration takes carefull planning, testing and a lot of coffee.

Traditionally, a migration is done by a full system save and restore but nowadays there are more solutions to cover a migration. Read on and discover how.


Digitize your documents on IBM i

With the new software solution Quick-DMT, TRADER'S simplifies the dematerialization of documents and invoices in its preferred operating system AS/400 IBM, widely used companies, particularly in the distribution and industry. In a technological environment increasingly complex and virtualized, where developments are accelerating, the AS/400 still represents the platform that offers the greatest guarantees of stability, robustness and security, to manage high volumes of data and operations.